Modern construction chemicals allow for quick, effective and convenient performance of various works in construction. From bricklaying, screeding and plastering, gluing, as well as more specialized work, e.g. structural repairs or insulating coatings. It is also worth remembering about a large selection of finishing materials, paints, wall decorations imitating various materials, e.g. natural stone, concrete or brick, decorative and functional coatings of floors, walls, ceilings and other structures.


Currently, at least several dozen manufacturers offer us a wide selection of materials that make our everyday work easier and also allow for previously unattainable decorative, durability and quality solutions. The use of advanced chemical products usually helps speed up the construction process itself.


However, few people pay attention to the requirements that manufacturers set when preparing the products they offer for use and obtaining a specific quality parameter and the appropriate final effect, either strength or decorative. The technical data sheets contain very clear requirements regarding both the preparation of the material and the substrate on which it is used. In construction conditions, the most common problems are accurate measurement of the recommended amount of water and quality control, e.g. strength or thickness of coatings. The time of use after preparing the products is also limited.


In amateur renovation work, the most common problems, apart from those mentioned above, are obtaining the intended visual effect. Its lack mainly results from problems with obtaining a smooth and even surface, maintaining verticality and level, connecting individual materials or structures, achieving the planned curvature and arches.


Even professionals often have problems during construction work with precise execution and control of the material in terms of the minimum and maximum thickness expected by the manufacturer.


CAMAVO, after many years of market observations and thanks to over a year of research carried out directly on construction sites, presents you with a solution that will avoid many of the problems mentioned above.